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Welcome to HomeAmerican Mortgage Corporation!

We’ve been providing tailored lending solutions since 1983. We offer a variety of loan options and personal assistance to help you through the process. Don’t understand the lending lingo? Not sure where to start? Our team of licensed professionals are on hand to answer questions, explain financing programs and guide you to the closing table.

Why choose HomeAmerican Mortgage Corporation?

Competitive rates

Because we're a full-service lender, we can offer you a variety of loan options without using a broker as a middleman. The result? More options and competitive rates.

The stable choice

After more than 30 years of catering to our customers’ needs, HomeAmerican has the stability and experience customers are seeking in today's market.

One-stop shopping for Richmond American buyers

Each of our loan officers is well-versed in Richmond American's building process, resulting in a streamlined homebuying experience.

Our loan process

1) Speak with a loan officer

When you choose HomeAmerican Mortgage, we'll assign you a loan officer who will be happy to discuss your unique needs, answer your questions and walk you through the loan process from start to finish.

2) Get pre-qualified

Pre-qualifying can be an easy way to determine how much you may be able to borrow. You may submit information online. The application takes between 20 and 40 minutes to complete. Get started now >

3) Loan processing

This is the time when we'll ask you to provide bank statements, pay stubs and other documentation to verify the information you provided on your initial application. We will also check on your credit and obtain an appraisal report on your property.

4) Preliminary loan approval

After the loan application is completed, a Loan Estimate (LE) showing closing costs—including origination charges, any applicable mortgage insurance, title insurance, escrow reserves and homeowner’s insurance—will be provided with the initial disclosure package. The LE will include the estimated monthly payment and estimated cash to close for the loan program you have applied for. A booklet, Your Home Loan Toolkit, a Step-by-Step Guide, will be included to explain the loan process and costs of obtaining a mortgage loan.

5) Commitment letter

When your loan is approved, you will receive a commitment letter, which outlines many of the key terms of the loan, the length of time for which those terms are offered, and any other items necessary to finalize the loan. If the loan does not close within the specified commitment period, the terms are subject to change.

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